Terms and Conditions

Executive Travel, Airport Transfers, Chauffeuring and Private Security Services

Terms and Conditions

By making a reservation with Ashbrook Executive Travel you are agreeing in full to our terms and conditions of business as listed below. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Airport Transfers


Card payments will appear on your statement as ‘Ashbrook Executive Travel’.

All card payments, regardless of card type or origin are subject to a card processing fee of 2% of the total invoice value.

In order to maximise card safety and in line with merchant account requirements we may, on rare occasions, be limited to a transaction size. In this case the amount charged will be split into more than one transaction to make up the total amount due and the card processing fee’s shown above will apply to each transaction processed.

Expenses incurred during the course of carrying out booking(s), including but not limited, to tolls, entry fees, congestion charge, dart charge, airport drop off tolls and parking are charged back at actual and are automatically added to the final fee due. We do not add an additional fee from ourselves or a surcharge to the expenses incurred.

Any variations to the journey that involve extra time or mileage may also be subject to additional charges.

All payments will be processed in Pound Sterling / GBP and Ashbrook Executive Travel cannot be held responsible, nor have any control over any transaction charges added by your card issuer, including but not limited to, foreign transaction fees, bank fees or other.

All payments made are full and final and Ashbrook Executive Travel do not operate a refund policy except in line with our cancellation policy or where an error has occured on our end.

Where Ashbrook Executive Travel issue an invoice for services, that invoice will become due on receipt. All business banking details are contained within the invoice.

Cancellation Policy:
Ashbrook Executive Travel operates a strict 24hr cancellation policy and this is clearly listed in every reservation confirmation, reservation amendment and reservation reminder. A 7 day cancellation policy may apply for special events, group bookings or bespoke packages, if a 7 day cancellation policy is in force you will be notified before making your reservation(s).

Bookings cancelled within 24hrs of the requested pick-up time are subject to a charge of 100%. (or 7 days if applicable)

All bookings involving passenger no shows or incorrect pickup information, dates or times or missed departures for an inbound flight are subject to a 100% charge or an appropriate fee for the time and distance where we are still able to service the booking.

Our cancellation policy reflects the availability of the vehicles in our fleet for other clients. Upon acceptance of your booking we instantly reserve the availability of the vehicle for you and subsequently refuse all other bookings for that vehicle at that time and on that date.

Where Ashbrook Executive Travel have deemed it necessary to take a deposit for a special event or booking, that deposit is strictly non refundable and used to secure your booking and subsequently refuse all other bookings for that vehicle at that time and on that date.

Ashbrook Executive Travel appreciate that there are factors outside of client’s control, such as aircraft being diverted or luggage going missing. Whilst we care for and support all our clients, we reserve the right to charge an appropriate fee or call-out charge where a chauffuer is assigned and has commenced their journey, or otherwise in line with our cancellation policies above. In most cases the client is able to claim back through airline or insurance if the issue was associated with an airline failure, missed connection, or delayed arrival. Ashbrook Executive Travel will always provide a fully itemised VAT compliant receipt / invoice. 

Terms & Conditions:
Ashbrook Executive Travel operate on a 24hr lead time for all new bookings, however endeavour to fulfil bookings with less then 24 hours notice as is reasonable, subject to availability. We do not operate ‘car for now’, ‘mini cab’, or ‘taxi’ services.

Ashbrook Executive Travel will endeavour to ensure vehicle(s) arrive at the time and place requested. We cannot however accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as mechanical failure, unpredictable or excessive traffic, road traffic accidents, weather conditions or act of god/war. Nor do we accept responsibility for any consequential loss or damages arising from such.

Ashbrook Executive Travel realise that technology is exceptionally helpful although not fool-proof. All correspondence to Ashbrook Executive Travel is always acknowledged and confirmed back to you. If you do not receive acknowledgement from us you must assume we have not received your correspondence. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure any information being relayed to us has been confirmed as received and Ashbrook Executive Travel cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damages as a result of non-receipt.

The chauffeur will travel by the most appropriate route for the day and time using professional experience, mapping and traffic systems, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the client, any variations to the journey that involves extra time or mileage may be subject to additional charges.

Unless specified at the time of booking, we may not automatically be able to accommodate additional pick-ups or drop-offs for any journey, although every effort will be made to meet such requirements. Any variations to bookings may be subject to additional charges.

Waiting Time
All waiting time is charged at our standard rate of £60/hr or part thereof unless otherwise agreed or incorporated into the original reservation or in any contract held between the parties.

Airport Pickups
For airport pickups we include up to 1hr of free waiting time from the time the flight lands – kindly noting the basis on which we operate below

– Scheduled Landing Time
This is the time usually displayed on your ticket or boarding card and is the time the fight is scheduled to land. This time is dependant upon many factors and is purely an estimate from the airline. We operate on the basis that we will monitor the flight number you provide us with and will arrive at a time suitable for the updates provided for that flight and its expected arrival time on the actual day.

– Actual Landing Time
This is the time the flight actually lands – This is the time we work to when arriving for a pickup at the airport.

– Arrival Time
This is the time the flight is shown as arrived at an airbridge, gate or bus pickup point, kindly noting this is not the same as the landing time, this information is not usually updated on the platforms used to monitor flight landing times until after the fact and it cannot be used by us as a reliable method of discerning a chauffeurs arrival time at an airport or for billing purposes.

– Bags Delivered
This is when the flight has gone ‘bags delivered’ meaning the flight is essentially complete as far as the airport are concerned.

– Calling off time
If we are unable to make any contact with the passenger(s), car bookers or PA’s on the number(s) provided within 90 minutes of the flight landing we will have no choice but to call off the booking. All called off bookings are subject to 100% charge plus the waiting and parking charges. The first 1hr free waiting time does not apply to called off bookings or passenger no shows and will be charged in full.

Non-airport collections: with the exception of a 10 minute ‘grace’ period waiting charges will apply.

Ashbrook Executive Travel reserve the right to refuse entry to our vehicles to anyone who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour poses a threat to the safety of the chauffeur, the vehicle or other passengers within the vehicle.

Ashbrook Executive Travel reserve the right to charge the cost of cleaning should a vehicle be left in an unreasonable state, otherwise known as a soilage charge. The current soilage charge is £100 + VAT

Ashbrook Executive Travel reserve the right to substitute any vehicle or chauffeur driver at any time in line with business needs or for emergencies arising on the day of travel. Our priority will always be to get you to your destination and a substitute chauffeur or vehicle would not override that priority.

Your rights to cancel
You have the right to cancel any and all reservations with Ashbrook Executive Travel at any time without charge or penalty, subject to our cancellation policies above. 

Nothing contained in these terms and conditions are intended to affect your statutory rights as a consumer under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

For further information or for any enquiries relating to our terms and conditions of business please contact us.